I was born and raised in Tuscany and have always admired the artisans in every field and their manual skills, I have always been curious and enthusiastic about learning new things. My grandfather was a tailor and it was from him that my interest in the field of design and fashion was born, spending the afternoons in his atelier between the counters and the fabrics. After university and a period in the United States I continued my studies in Florence and attended the leather school in Santa Croce learning to cut and sew leather and obtained a diploma as an accessory model maker. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Florentine artisans masters of weaving and other manual processes and I decided to carry on this project.

Each bag comes from a pencil drawing, often on loose sheets during my travels and in my lab in Chiavari, in the beautiful Liguria, between Portofino and the Cinque Terre, taking inspiration from the beauty of the fishing villages, their colorful houses and their natural scenery overlooking the sea. On large tables we develop various ideas and experiment with different manual processes, between old and new techniques.


The bags and accessories take shape in the laboratories of the artisans located in the villages between the provinces of Florence and Siena, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, land of olive groves and vineyards, parishes and isolated villages, cypresses and ancient roads, where beauty, competence and creativity merge. The laboratories are located in small villages along the Arno river, a short distance from one another. Collaboration, understanding and the exchange of ideas are the basis for excellent work.

All processes, from weaving to embroidery, are handmade and entrusted to the best craftsmen who have handed down their knowledge from generation to generation since ancient times, in the province of Florence.Weavings are made with irregular strips, handcut one by one. Different, unique and original textures, the hallmark of a brand that invests in quality and tradition, combining continuous research and innovation.

I like the idea that everything I create is the expression of a simple story, linked to this wonderful land, its colors and traditions, and that at the same time it is transformation, growth and constant research.