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Rita Merlini

is the idea, heart and hands
behind a line of bags entirely handmade.

Bags with a soft worn look and an unmistakable character, that improve with time and use, the expression of a philosophy, a way of life.

Each model is conceived, designed and made with extreme care and attention to details, leather and craftmanship.

We always committ oursevelves in selecting quality materials as well as natural treatments and manual techniques to remain faithful to the initial project: create simplicity, quality and beauty.

Skilled craftsmen

Unique pieces in limited edition, made in Italy by Tuscan craftsmen who with great skill and passion take care of every stage of the production, from cutting to weaving, to sewing to the final polishing made only with natural oils and beeswax.


Skilled Tuscan craftsmen, who for many years have been handed down the precious techniques and tradition, cut irregular strips, one by one, then handweave each piece. Different textures from each other depending each time on the width of the strips

Each bag is finished with the characteristic ceramic bead, handmade with raku technique.

Vegetable tanned leather

We purchase the leather only from tanneries members of the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium where the Tuscan master tanners, who for centuries have been handed down the precious tradition, follow with care the slow process turning raw hides into leather.

This is an extraordinary process, based on vegetable tannins extracted from tree bark such as mimosa, chestnut and quebracho, that give the leather warm colours, fragrance, softness and strenght.

The progressively-numbered label on each bag, issued by the Consortium, guarantees the quality, the naturalness and the Tuscan origin of the leather.